​We may often get stuck with people’s questions, why we are so why we are so, why we are not so and yet?

Actually their question is not a matter of examination, which if we do not answer or wrong answer then our value becomes ugly. We are also not a satisfying machine, which racketh the brain with all the strength to answer their questions and make people nod to their satisfaction.

When we are bombarded with sensitive, annoying questions, our hearts may have muttered “know what you are about my life!”, But that’s how human nature, too quick to draw conclusions. Even when he asks something to someone, in fact he has summed up his own answer before the person explained.

They are like that, and we can be like that. They are annoying, we can reply even 

 cruelly. However, will we allow ourselves to be like that?

People ask something about us, even commenting on the life we ​​live, they do not understand how our struggle through life. It is only natural that they only follow their own desires, say something at will, and so is their quality.

If we can give our best answer to them, maybe it’s very good. But we need not feel overwhelmed by people’s opinions as good intentions become the goal. But our duty is firm to our principles of life, although in this reality of life we ​​sometimes defend it.

Human beings are social beings, can not live without interaction with others. So be patient and sharpen yourself with science is the best weapon for us to face all kinds of situations. Both wearing and being uncomfortable though.

So if one asks a question that he himself does not understand the question, simply answer with a smile and do not need to fire a beard especially if you do not have a beard. 😅


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