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First of all, i would convey my real life over this writting and share a sort that may brings beneficial about how to maintain a relationship between two person. I am not an expert about this topic and i know that, but this life maybe has taught me a worth it lesson for me. The story about my parents and their marriage does affect my life and almost has taken big portion of my mind and the point of view of me to see how relationship between two person is in the name of marriage. I could say that their marriage didn’t go well as i expected. It’s not an ideal relationship, even almost the failure of maintaining love. Come to think of it, i remember that my mom told me her story of her first met with my father. That her long story got me to a conclusion that their marriage happened by an attraction of each other. So maybe they really were a lover that time. Unfortunately it seems that the burden came through our family with the lack of concern to the communication that is built among us has made the problem turned to a big snowball ready to hit us badly.

I study my mom and the way she did her job as the wife for my father and a mother for us, for me she is a good mother even i proud of her. She always prioritize her family above herself, though i know that it is true happiness for her and never took it as a burden. She did well managed of all stuff just to ensure her family be well taken care of. She always prepared my father’s food whenever he was about to go to work. She save and manage the money properly, even she did a trading at home to support our economic. She took care of me and my little brother and sister herself as her responsibillity, never hand us to someone else or an assistant. I know she’s been a bussiest mother ever. She never complain whenever she caught of exhaustion. But i know that she actually need an appreciation although she never tells us. what is it? It maybe is only a ‘thank’ word. She is working hard to take care of her family thats what i know. But that big snowball that hit us is finally got my mom realize that she can’t deal with the problem anymore, she jumped into a conclusion that all of her dedications was not be appreciated by my father. I can get it, that she just reached her limits when she need a support from her partner of life but she did not get it. When she need someone to talk to but she didn’t get it from my father. She maybe can talk to her children, but thats not the point. There must be something that only the two of them as a couple could talk about. She wants to count on my father but he just didn’t get it, cuz what is in his head everything is alright. I call it as an awareness of him as the leader of a family, he became so isensitive toward her family that he didn’t realize that there is a problem, there is something which bother our feelings and intrude our mind. Tha’ts why maybe my mother’s feel never can to reached him. My mom hurts, but her pain turn to worse until her mind throw back the time where she seemed that she always did everything alone. Even when my mom felt unwell or unfit, there was no attention of my father. When their children sick, she was alone that didn’t fall a sleep and drown in a worries all night, whereas my father be sound a slept. That memories brings a tears to my mother. She actually felt so dissapointed of him.

And what about my father? He is actually a simple person. He is too plain to me. He doesn’t like to talk to much, and prefer to keep his feeling himself. For some point maybe it’s a good thing as a part of his character. It cant be help than to accept it. But, whenever it hooks about dealing with any problem it becomes so troublesome. As a family, we need to talk and discuss about everything. Put our point of view in the same direction, and fight together with the same vission and mission. That’s why communication is a determine aspect to ensure that we dont get any miss understanding even on the contrary it gains mutual understanding among us, so we know how is our feelings each other. My father is isensitively dismiss his concern about what is our feeling. So when it comes to the event to make any decission, he made his own decission without take up with us. So when his decission goes to a wrong way, it brings a trouble to the family. That is what i dislike of him, his act accustomed to be little of his family. Without his realization, it hurts us.


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